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WOMEN ARE REALLY BAD AT MONEY: Top 10 Mistakes Women Make

WOMEN ARE REALLY BAD AT MONEY: The myth of “equality” is making us poorer. In this episode I explain how money works—because so many women don’t understand the energy of money and its laws. Therefore they make a lot of dumb decisions that hurt them in the long-run. Don’t make choices with your Romance Goggles! […]


In this episode I’ll give you the 3 “Golden Rules” to avoid saying and doing the wrong thing & 5 specific rules to follow for men who want to be the Good Guy. We start at the beginning, reinterpreting the Genesis origin story. (The serpent, Satan, is a ridiculously obvious metaphor for the penis. DUH!) […]

Space is Only 60 Miles Away

You don’t have to “believe” that global warming and climate change is real to know that a giant plastic garbage island in the ocean is pretty F’ed up. Tracee asks this question: Where is our instinct for Self-Preservation? Where is our instinct to protect our children? You don’t have to be an environmental scientist to […]


Hey Tribe, WELCOME! I’m so glad you’re here! This inaugural episode is about this podcast! Wait, What? Yes. In this episode I, Tracee Sioux, explain who I am, why I’m starting a podcast and what kinds of topics can you expect from What Would Tracee Sioux Do? We’re asking better questions about things that matter. […]

Get Your Mojo Back with Andreea Matei of LaunchGrowJoy.com

Please subscribe and review this podcast! Every click matters! Andreea Matei of LaunchGrowJoy.com lost her mojo. For the first time ever she talks about her sudden collapse at the top of her game and the harsh time she’s had for the last three years. Gratefully, she and I are getting back in the game and […]

Get Your Mojo Back! Guest: Darryl Stewart

What the Funk? Darryl Stewart and I haven’t been able to find our mojo—you haven’t either (enough of you have told us this so we’re convinced it’s damn near universal). So we put together a course giving you ALL the tools we’ve created over the last many years which is Guaranteed to help you Get […]

What is the Point of Being Human?

What is the Point of This? Being on Earth? Working to pay bills? Watching the insanity of elections and bigotry? Speaking up only to be attacked. Tracee Sioux comes out of her 2 year malaise. She literally stops biting her tongue and speaks. Dive deeper and take this course which is guaranteed to change everything! […]

Your BEST Marketing Tool: Your Book

What if I told you that you don’t have to sell thousands of books to make money with a book? You’ve got a great brilliant book idea, but this little voice inside you says, “it’s hard to be a writer and I’m going to have to become a starving artist… only the pros make money […]

The Art of Receiving: Your Creative Ally

I used to think that doing it all myself would make me stronger. Um… wrong. It just burned me out—quick. Asking for help can be hard. But you’ve got to do it. Otherwise you wind up juggling way more than you can handle. Forbes says one of the number one reasons businesses fail is because […]

Giving Up the Struggle and Getting Published

It’s almost engrained in us from the time we pop out of the womb: keep your head down and work hard—as if to say that the harder we slave away, the more successful we’ll become, or the better life we’ll live. Last I checked, this path will likely wind you up with the same dreaded […]