Writer’s Block Smackdown: Taking the First Step

We’ve all got to start somewhere.

Sometimes the first step is the hardest. You’ve heard me talk about my just-launched (as of yesterday!) “Book Smackdown.”

I wrote it because I know how tough taking that first step can be.

I wrote it so that instead of this…


Your first step can feel like this…

Ahhh… much better.

So, if you’ve agonized over how you’ll ever get published. If you’ve been terrified of the blank page after “chapter one,” It’s time to give up the struggle. Maybe you’ve completely given up. It’s time to pick yourself up and be the badass you know you are.

I wrote this book because I don’t want your bright ideas to die.


I’ve said it and I’ll say it again: This book will DIE (if you do nothing). I wrote it so that you’re passion, your drive, YOU’RE ideas won’t die. So do me a favor– begging you– grab your copy today.

And take 10 seconds to leave me a review. This helps me more than you know. And it helps you.

In “Book Smackdown” you’ll learn the ONE THING you’ve got to commit to to get your book written. I also give you ten easy ways to get it done so that you can choose what fit’s YOU’RE needs and your lifestyle. It’s easier than you think.

So, I’m thanking you in advance, because I know you understand what it’s like to forge your own path and call upon the support of your community. THANK YOU for ordering your copy of BOOK SMACKDOWN Today and THANK YOU for leaving me a review so that I can share with you what’s taken me years to learn.

In Gratitude my friends,


P.S. Ok, even if you’ve hidden your brilliant book in a dusty corner (um… hopefully you haven’t… I’m urging you to pick it back up!), I guarantee if you think hard enough you know someone who NEEDS “Book Smackdown.” So, buy it for them.

Who doesn’t love a gift? And who doesn’t love giving one? After all, it’s only $6.99 and it’s packed with juicy-ness. Grab your Gift.