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A Life-Changing Soul Handbook

I channeled this book in two days (Just for YOU!)

Your Soul has a purpose, It knows the fastest, easiest way to get there, And it will never, ever steer you wrong. Tracee Sioux, author and creator of The Year of YES! What if you said YES! to everything your Soul told you to do for one year? sat down and wrote this book in two days. God energy surged through her, dictating an inspiring and down-to-earth handbook to help you identify and live your Soul purpose. Soul vs. Ego Smackdown will help you identify which voice is your Soul, which voice is your mother’s and which voice is your Ego’s through a simple Soul Whispering 101 technique. You’ll be able to make more conscious choices and say YES! to your Soul once you understand and can identify your Ego’s trickery. We have a purpose! Read this book! ~ Your Soul. Don’t read this book! We don’t have time. You ain’t got no purpose. Just go binge watch Netflix. ~ Your Ego.

The One Year Life Experiment

a raw & personal memoir.

What happens when you say YES! to everything your Soul tells you to do for one year?

The Year of YES! is one woman’s spiritual journey to free herself from the conventions that bound her Soul. This memoir is a raw, unflinching confrontation with the pain and regrets of a jagged past, an exploration of sacred (and not-so-sacred) sex, a slaying of demons, a baptism, and a transmutation of self.

Tracee Sioux starts her Year of YES! on the heels of a divorce. Having tanked her career for motherhood, she was making $600 a month and feeding her kids from the food bank. Yet, her Soul made a promise: Follow me, I know where I’m going, I know the fastest, easiest way to get there and I will never, ever steer you wrong.

She said YES!

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I say yes!

I say yes! The Year of Yes by Tracee Sioux, what a great read, I had a hard time putting it down. I saw myself in a few of the scenarios, so many pieces hit home. I appreciate her openness and candidness in sharing her life experiences with us. It really made me think about what

Amazon Reviewer March 24, 2016

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This book resonated with me for my highest good. Way to go Tracee. Loved the book there are things I want to try.

Kathy Steveson March 24, 2016

Robert Devereaux

Fair warning: You've picked up a book that takes no prisoners, freeing instead those long held captive. Circumstances can sometimes lead one to settle, to sidetrack, to dim one's dreams. Well, Tracee Sioux refuses to settle, striking out instead to seize her dream and to find and fulfill a grand purpose. Her words burn with

author, Baby's First Book of Seriously Fucked-Up Shit January 21, 2016

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A wonderful read for any woman whose soul demands authenticity.

A wonderful read for any woman whose soul demands authenticity. Amazing writer. I've followed her for a while now. My journey is much the same. I too have been following my spirit for a while. Thank yo

MaggieJW March 24, 2016

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…most REVEALING book I have ever read!

Tracee daringly EXPOSES herself, as she bares her soul and her heart's desires in the most revealing book I have ever read! As soon as I started reading Tracee's words (less than a week ago), I was enamored with her brazen gall to make her life more than work as she proclaimed a resounding YES!!!!

Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko March 24, 2016