Street Cred

what looks like magic, is a lifetime of practicing the word craft

In 2000 I was happy and everything was going my way. I was newly married to a great guy. I had a sweet job as a New York City editor at a travel magazine. Free trips, good salary and benefits.

lovedistortionMy purpose became empowering girls and their parents and advocates with a website and a movement: The Girl Revolution. I wrote 1,000 blogs, made it to and New York Times Magazine, wrote Love Distortion: Belle, Battered Codependent and Other Love Stories.

I helped millions of parents and daughters and even some sons.

Purpose = Life

In 2013 I did a life experiment in which I said YES! to everything my Soul told me to do. And I mean everything. I kept a journal that year and published it—RAW. And yes, I posed for this cover. It’s full of spiritual symbolism, though bold and somewhat shocking.

IMG_6175 In March of 2014 I was at a Hay House conference when I looked down and saw “Tracee Books” written on my hand. I laughed at the silliness of writing my own name on my hand. I had no memory of doing it.

Later in the conference I looked down at my journal and read, “You’re going to start a publishing company.”

“Maybe someday,” I thought.

That year I was investigating how I wanted to publish The Year of YES! and I realized that traditional publishing is a bad business decision for authors. You pay for your own marketing, someone else owns your copyright so you can’t repurpose the content, you make about .50 cents a book and it takes from 3 years to never to find an agent, get a publisher and get the book on shelves.

I also looked at self-publishing didn’t like the idea that I wouldn’t have 3rd party credibility.

So, I by October I had launched a publishing company, Sioux Ink.

My Soul is always right. So is yours.

soulvego3DLgIn November 2015 I went to a Northern Colorado Writers retreat with the intention (publically declared), “I’m going to write a book.”

I did.

30,000 words in 2 days. Published in about 2 weeks.

This simple plain-language handbook teaches you how to tell which is your Soul and which is your Ego.

Once I published The Year of YES! I was on a roll. I couldn’t stop. I just kept writing and writing and writing. I published six of my own books in three years. I also edited and published quite a number of other author’s work.

happysunflowersMy word for this year is Happy. I’m due for some happy. As I’ve traversed the spiritual path I’ve learned a few things.

Law of Attraction works, but what do you want to attract? You might think you know, but maybe your chasing something your ego wants.

Following your Soul will get you what you really, really want.

This year my goal is to find out just how happy I can get.