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Soul Purpose Publishing

Sioux Ink is a full service publishing company. With our complete packages we charge an honest fee, with no hidden costs, and take zero of your book sales profits. Zero. You keep your profit, your copyright and your creative control.

Our commitment as a publishing company is to help authors serve their Soul’s Purpose and to birth light into the world through written and audio communication.

The publishing industry has undergone dramatic shifts as more and more material is birthed into the world with on demand printing and ebooks. This offers today’s author far more publishing options. At Sioux Ink, we encourage authors to make the best business decision for their ultimate publishing goals.


  • They Control Your Career

    Traditional publishing companies are looking out for their own business model, not yours.

  • They Own Your Copyright

    You no longer own the copyright to your work. Which means that you can’t reuse your own content without their approval.

  • Takes a Really Long Time

    From the signing of a contract traditional publishers take an average of 18 months to get a book on the shelves.

  • Gotta Find an Agent

    It can take a long time to find an agent—if you ever do. Then they have to find a publisher. THEN they take a 10-20% cut of your royalties.

  • DIY Marketing

    Authors now do their own marketing. Just building a platform big enough for them to consider you is a costly enterprise.

  • No Profit

    After the publishing company and the agent take their cut authors are making 25 to 50 cents per book.

  • Distribution Outlets

    Traditional publishers do have extensive distribution outlets. However this is changing. Many stores, online retailers and distributors are looking to small presses for innovative work.

Sioux Ink

  • Own Your Copyright

    You keep your copyright. Forever.

  • Take Charge of Your Career

    Take charge of your own career. Position your book and marketing to bring people to your business, whether as an author or in a separate profession.

  • 3rd Party Credibility

    People still perceive self-publishing as the work of hacks. If you’re serious about your work 3rd party credibility gives your work more status and people take it more seriously.

  • Speed

    You want to publish your book now. This is the digital age. Depending on how much editing needs to be done you could have your book in your hands and for sale within three months.

  • Professional Editing & Design

    Sioux Ink provides the highest quality professional editing and design. Every book is a custom book. No templates, original design, custom book covers and intriguing interiors. This is not a DIY project.

  • Creative Liberty

    We will offer our professional opinion, but you have a vision for your book. At Sioux Ink we take that seriously. Traditional publishers require rewrites and design control. You could lose the creative liberty to make your passion project exactly what you want.

  • You Keep All Proceeds

    You keep all of the proceeds from your book. The innovative publishing model at Sioux Ink makes our income by providing straight forward services that authors have to pay for anyway: interior and exterior cover design, editing and administration. It’s a very fair exchange of energy.


  • No 3rd Party Credibility

    The perception of self-publishing is that you’re a hack who couldn’t find a publisher. This is patently untrue. But perception matters. A publishing imprint makes all the difference.

  • Sucky Editing & Design

    With Create Space or Balboa Press you don’t get direct contact with your editors or designers. You are assigned a project manager (high change over rates) who relays information between you and your editor and book designers. At Sioux Ink it’s personal service and high participation in the creative process.

  • Speed

    Once your book is complete you can have it in your hands and on Amazon in a few weeks.

  • Requires Know-How

    Sure you probably could figure out how to get a book on Amazon through Create Space. However, there are matters of ISBN numbers, submitting to other online sources and publicity strategies that will take a very long time to learn and implement.

  • Time Suck

    The learning curve is steep. Unless publishing your book is your full time job, it will be difficult to implement and complete the many projects involved in getting a book off the ground.

  • Invisibility

    Self published books are mostly invisible. There are over 300,000 books per month on Amazon. How will anyone see yours?

Janna Phillips

Tracee Sioux is a wonderful publisher. She edited and published my book OUT OF THE BLUE A PSYCHIC'S MEMOIR. Tracee Sioux is professional and does outstanding work with her clients. She took the time to help me understand the best way to proceed. I have great respect for her abilities!

author, Out of the Blue: A Psychic's Memoir January 26, 2016

Winston Hampton

"I first met Tracee when I read her book"The Year Of Yes." I was so impressed I had to meet her in person!! Tracee has been a GodSend! As I became ready to publish my book of Poetry "Rumi Would Have Laughed", Tracee stepped up and made it happen. She inspires me!!! As my publisher

Win Hampton author, Rumi Would Have Laughed January 26, 2016