Excuses Be Gone. Just Do It.

It’s time to stop procrastinating. Yes YOU.

In case you haven’t heard…

I need your listening ears, your reading eyes.. and your help… now.

If you haven’t heard my recent shout outs about the just-launched “Book Smackdown,” seriously, don’t miss out. I’ve been pretty loud about it lately. And for good reason. Now’s your chance (and it’s time) to take you daydreams to daily doings:

Grab it today.

But you’ve got to make the choice. I can’t force you. What I can do, and am doing is: following the universe’s calling for me: I GOT MY BOOK OUT. I’m sharing it with you NOW because I want you to feel how pleasurably exquisite it feels to move past our personal blocks. How empowering it feels to flush your self-doubt down the toilet and summon the brave creative warrior you.

When I wrote “Book Smackdown” I knew I’d procrastinated long enough. In fact, the itching nagging feeling pulling me to write became more painful than the fear of failing. More painful than actually DOING IT. Like I said, I learned how to make DOING IT into an effortless, pleasurable, seamless flow. (Yes, really, it can happen). And it’s so amazing.

Kind of like this…

So just for now, try an experiment. Ditch the critic voice. Hell with the cynicism. You don’t need it. It’s sabotaged your life (and confiscated your success) long enough. I’m begging you to say YES to you. And, I’m begging you to be a team player, grab your copy of “Book Smackdown” and leave me a review.

Time really does matter here.

We like to think we’re in control of tomorrow. But anything can happen. You could fall severely ill (lets hope not) or lose your grandma:

Hell, Armageddon could come and claim us all.

Or on the bright side, you could get offered a job that pays you double what you earn now:

…and in that case you’ll still want this book  because you know in your soul you’ll never be satisfied working for someone else.

The point is, as the saying goes: don’t put off until tomorrow what you can (easily) do today.

Thank you friends, I couldn’t do it without you.