Ready, Set, WRITE!

Aaaand, you freeze. Writers block. Every time. So you stop trying. You don’t write. You wish you could, but it’s become a chore. All kinds of excuses start popping up as to why you aren’t writing. “There’s not enough time. My ideas aren’t good enough. It’ll never go anywhere… I just suck. There are better writers than me.”

Ok, picture yourself somewhere else. Out of your daily routine. In a place so relaxing that the back of your mind isn’t nagging you to hurry up and write before your alarm shocks you out of your creative state (that you never even got to). Imagine waking up to sunlight filtering through curtains, lapping of waves on the shore, the caress of a soft warm breeze… wait! Ok, Tracee, where are you taking me?! I know, sound too romantic? But what if? Imagine yourself in that environment. Does the thought of writing seem easier? Almost effortless? (Especially while sipping a noon-time mimosa? Don’t worry—you can edit later).

So often we suffer from writer’s block because we don’t give ourselves enough space, time or the creativity-inducing environment we need to write. Sometimes that hour, or even day you’ve scheduled, just isn’t’ enough. Your mind needs to completely TUNE OUT from the mundane tasks, the to-do lists, the cell phone and whining kids (that you love).

That’s why I’ve created the Book Smackdown Sanctuary retreat. You write your book—in one week. That’s right. And then it’s done. No more worry about how you’ll get it done. It’s that easy. And you get to ease into a blissful state of consciousness in the process. October 11th-18th, 2018, in beautiful Akumal, Mexico. Janna Phillips (author of Out of the Blue: A Psychic’s Memoir) is a walking testimony: “Though I was afraid to put my stuff out there Tracee really helped me feel good about it.” –Janna. You can feel good about it too.

Who knew writing a book could be effortless, fast, miraculous… and feel pleasurably exquisite? Gift yourself. It’s time. Book Smackdown Sanctuary.