The Secret is Focus, Flow & Inspiration

The book within you is ready to live.
Your job is put the words on paper.
You have to get out of your own life
to focus, be inspired & get into flow.








You don’t suck. You aren’t procrastinating. You aren’t lazy. You aren’t a loser. You’re not failing at your goal, resolution, dream.


Here’s the thing, you’re not going to write a book, let alone finish one, mired in your real life. You’re drowning in responsibility and exhaustion. You’re juggling a million needy people: your kids, your significant other, your boss, your clients, your business obligations, your parents and other relatives, and a billion other things. Geez, you’re just trying to pay the bills and live your life.

You’re not procrastinating. You’re doggy paddling through thousands of emails, texts, phone calls, appointments to make, maintenance on your house and car, forms to fill out, FB posts to manage, administrating your business, and attempting to maintain a social life. You’re brilliantly managing a calendar that’s just. too. full.

You’re not unmotivated. You’re suffering sensory overwhelm. You’re inundated with information: social media, news, fake news, political strife, massive technology changes every time you blink, uncontrollable weather and global warming and North Korea and so many, many things to keep you up at night, making you clench your teeth and hunch your shoulders waiting for the other shoe to fall.

You’re not a loser. You’re intimidated by the process. You’re lumping all the tasks for “writing a book” into one. You’re lumping the whole thing—researching, writing, editing, designing, publishing and marketing—into “writing a book.” It’s not one thing. The thing you simply must do is get the words on paper. Then you can worry about the other bits. One at a time.

You’re not a bad writer. You’re terrified that your book won’t be good enough. But, here’s the thing: no one—especially a professional writer—would ever publish a first draft. The only thing you need to do to feel good about your book dream is to get that first draft on paper. Barf it out, ramble on, channel it, type random thoughts that somehow go together, you just have to write that first draft.

You’re not failing. You’re just not Super Woman or Batman. You’re looking at this as a process that only YOU have to do. But, it’s not true. The only piece—literally, the only piece—that you have to do is to write the first draft. That’s it. Everything else you can hire a specialist for. There are other people who edit, design, publish and market books professionally. I can turn whatever you put on paper—your ideas, your stories, your professional knowledge—into a really good book you’ll be proud to put your name on.


Join me, Tracee Sioux, author and publisher at Sioux Ink Publishing, for seven days in paradise. Go home with a book. Yes, a finished full-length book. Your book, the one your Soul is calling you to write.

Focus, Flow and Inspiration are what you need to write a book in one week. Imagine getting out of your crazy busy life. The life you’re living day-to-day is chaos: a million people demanding your attention and energy, bombarded by social media, heartbroken and distraught watching the devastation and hopelessness of the world, answering constant email, texts, phone calls.

This is your opportunity to go off the grid and get out of your life! Imagine a sanctuary where you’re completely immersed in writing that book which has been nagging you forever.

I own a publishing company, Sioux Ink.

I’m also the author of over a dozen books including The Year of YES! What if you said YES! to everything your Soul told you to do for one year? I’ve written six books in the last three years.

I wrote this book Soul vs. Ego Smackdown: How to say YES! to your Soul and tell your ego to Suck It! in 48 hours.

I wrote 11 chapters of The Girl Revolution Manifesto in less than 24 hours.

I ghostwrote 20,000 for an author in only 13.5 hours.

I’ve been a professional writer for over 20 years. I’ve been featured in Forbes, New York Times Magazine and, among contributions to many other esteemed print and online publications.

I’ve never had writer’s block and I’ve never experienced writing as torture.

My secret to writing books so fast? I get out of my own life.

That, my loves, is inspiration you need to write the book that lives within you.

Here’s what that feels like. This image was taken a few minutes after I finished Soul vs. Ego Smackdown.

It’s a rush. I was high for weeks.

While I’ve spent my life studying and practicing my craft, flow isn’t about writing.

People enter flow in thousands of ways. Some do it while running, playing tennis, skiing, art, traveling, playing with their children, dancing and even writing software. Most of our hobbies are our hobbies because they allow us to achieve the pleasure of flow. The lucky ones, like myself, get to do what they love for a living.

Flow is something you probably already know how to do.

The trick is to apply this ability to writing that book you’ve got banging around in your body just dying to get out!

NaNoWriMo (National Book Writing Month) had nearly 120,000 participants challenged to complete a novel of 50,000 words or more during the month of November. To “win,” all you have do is meet that goal, however wretched the result. Last year’s NaNoWriMo had 21,683 such winners. Those are not high stats for success.

Tracee Sioux is wonderful. I gave her my book, which I had written as a third-person fiction novel and she helped me see that it would be much more powerful if I told the truth. The truth was that this is a memoir or my own life. Though I was afraid to put my stuff out there Tracee really helped me feel good about it. Tracee Sioux is professional and does outstanding work with her clients. She took the time to help me understand the best way to proceed. I have great respect for her abilities!

Janna Phillips author, Out of the Blue: A Psychic’s Memoir

Tracee helped me tap in to the book that I had basically already written in my heart and head. I know my business. I’m knowledgable about my industry. So, really, all I had to do was get into the zone and let it come out of me without worrying about all the intimidating “writing stuff.” This book is getting me publicity and speaking gigs … which leads to more clients! What a great investment!

Anna Koclanes, author, Airb$b Investor Style

A Book is a Business Investment

You don’t have to sell thousands of books
to make money with a book.

  • Establish Credibility with clients.
  • Show up as the “best in the business” on websites, LinkedIn and in Google searches.
  • Establish Expert Status among colleagues and peers.
  • Establish Influencer status in your industry.
  • Get invited to Speaking Events—you’re now the credible expert.
  • Have something to sell at the back of the room.
  • Get media & press attention—you have a book which says “I’m the expert.”
  • Charge double or triple your current rates—you’re the best in your field.
  • In fields like Real Estate, stand out as the better, more knowledgable and serious professional in an economy of fierce competition.
  • Passive income from book sales on Amazon and Kindle.

That book is yours. It must be born.

The world needs your book.
It wouldn’t be begging you to write it if you weren’t the best person for the job.
We’re in desperate need of light, innovation, inspiration and new ideas.
But, if you don’t write it, that book will go find someone else who is more willing.
Don’t surrender your book to someone else.

Algonquin Round Table:
Writers who collaborate make better art.

  • The world needs your book. We’re in desperate need of light and innovation.
  • Increase your business by becoming an expert in your field, an influencer in your industry.
  • Tap into your deep wells of creativity. It feels beyond exquisite.
  • Collaborate with other writers. Your work will be more brilliant.
  • Be present with your Soul.
  • Stop feeling guilt and shame for not writing that book.
  • Feel inspired by the most sublime nature in the world.
  • Eliminate distractions of everyday life, giving your mind and body the rest it needs to tap in to your inner creativity.
  • Experience a new place and a new way of living.
  • Accomplish your big life goal by February!

Tracee really held my hand through the writing of my book and kept me on task. Her way of helping writers let their books flow out of them is crazy cool. This book is really going to establish me as an expert in real estate and grow my business.

Leysa Maree Wells, Appreciation! How to use your vision, values and the 4 secrets to achieve victory in real estate.

The Work

write. write. write. write. write

Write. Write. Write. Write.

This is a working retreat.

Our only true focus is to focus.

20,000 – 30,000 words is the goal.

The book is written start to finish.

We will not be editing (that’s a totally different thing).

We will be ENJOYING the process.

Short Short Workshops

This isn’t a typical writing retreat. We won’t be spending the week talking about craft and grammar. We will be writing. Still, I’m not going to leave you hanging. We will have daily short workshops (1 hour or less). Materials will be provided.

  • Rules: I have some really easy rules which will make writing a book in a week possible. If you follow the rules you’ll do great. If you stray, that’s okay, (but your results are on you not me).
  • Intentions: We’ll set intentions at the beginning. Be prepared to share what your book is about and what you want to accomplish.
  • Books to Grow Your Business: I’ll teach you why writing a book will increase your business. I’ll teach you how it will increase your income, give you access to free publicity, make you an influencer in your field, establish you as an expert in your industry, and get you speaking gigs.
  • Next Steps: Nothing can happen without a first draft. But, what then? Book-making is an extensive process. So we’ll talk about the 5 Stages of Book-Making: research, writing, editing, publishing, marketing.
  • Publishing: Gone are the days when your only option is a traditional publisher. I’m going to share what your options are—pros and cons—in today’s publishing market.
  • Marketing: Once you have a published book your work has barely begun. I’ll give you helpful marketing tactics that you can implement to actually SELL books and get people to read it.
  • Collaboration: We’ll meet in groups every now and then to get help from the Hive Mind. There’s always a solution, you just haven’t thought of it yet.

I liked my book the way I love my favorite sweater. It’s a bit worn and scratchy, but it keeps me warm. My book was like that before Tracee helped me bring my characters to life. My book reads so smoothy now, instead of a scratchy wool sweater it feels like a silk shirt.

Will Clark, author, Jasper: Saving Grace

I first met Tracee when I read her book The Year of Yes. I was so impressed I had to meet her in person!! Tracee has been a GodSend! As I became ready to publish my book of poetry Rumi Would Have Laughed, Tracee stepped up and gave me the kick in the butt I needed to make it happen. She inspires me!!! She made it so effortless!! I am so grateful for Tracee!!! Writing this book wouldn’t have happened so easily, gracefully and playfully without Tracee!!! Thank you!!

Win Hampton, author of Rumi Would Have Laughed

Tracee has an uncanny ability to bring what’s inside you to the forefront so that you can perform your best work. It’s not about structure and craft. It’s about letting the sacred creativity come through you and land on the page. Tracee makes it so easy!

Robert Devereaux, author of Deadweight