The Art of Receiving: Your Creative Ally

I used to think that doing it all myself would make me stronger. Um… wrong. It just burned me out—quick. Asking for help can be hard. But you’ve got to do it. Otherwise you wind up juggling way more than you can handle.

Forbes says one of the number one reasons businesses fail is because they don’t hire the help they need. The same goes for our personal lives. When we don’t ask for help, we end up frazzled, stressed and bitchy. We show up as way less-than-our-best selves to the ones we love. We make mistakes and we forget things. When we chronically live like this it shows up in our health (or loss of). We end up sick, tired, with insomnia, headaches, backaches, mounting medical bills…ok, ok, You get the picture. But do you? Ask for help. Learn to receive.

When we’re in a state of receiving, we’re open to creative flow. It starts with the little things (and the big things). When we ask for help with what we don’t have time for or what we’re not our best at, we free ourselves up to spend our (precious) time doing what we’re best at, and hopefully what we love.

I love helping people do this. That’s why I became a publisher. By helping people overcome their (usually self-created) obstacles, I get to watch people like Janna move from fear-state to bliss-state: “Tracee Sioux does outstanding work with her clients. She took the time to help me understand the best way to proceed. I have great respect for her!” –Janna Phillips, author of Out of the Blue: A Psychic’s Memoir.

(Thanks Janna, for the compliment). When I ask for help, I have more energy to help people like Janna, and you, reach their highest potential. It’s taken me years to learn this. Don’t let it take you years too. Need help figuring out a game plane? Where to go next? Just curious? I’m here to listen. Let’s talk.