What is a Soul?

heart-462873_640What is a Soul?

Your Soul is the piece of you that is God. Your Soul is a little piece of God.

Your Soul is not your body, but your body is a manifestation of your Soul. A little piece of God—your Soul—chose to manifest itself in form and it chose your body to do it in.

So you are not your appearance, but your appearance was chosen to serve your Soul.

When you tune into your Soul, as in the Soul vs. Ego Smackdown, and you access what your Soul really wants what you’re really doing is tuning into your God-Self.

It’s the higher consciousness that is you.

Your normal thoughts are your surface self. It’s your brain making noise. If you get really lazy brained and you don’t put some discipline or practice into your thinking through yoga, meditation, exercise or intention then your surface self will run amuck and make being in your own mind feel crazy.

This is not your Soul. The cure for this kind of monkey mind is actually to quiet the surface self and go within to the deeper God part of you—your Soul.

Your Soul came here with a Purpose. What is your Soul’s Purpose? Well, I don’t know. But I can help you figure it out by helping you hear what your Soul is saying and why it’s saying it and I can help you get the courage up to say YES! to it. I have numerous courses in Maxcelerators private Law of Attraction Forum that will help you hear your Soul’s voice.

Shoot me a message and let’s talk about it, tracee@traceesioux.com.

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