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Year of YES! Maxcelerators

maximize & accelerate your soul purpose in business & life

Year of YES! Maxcelerators is a group coaching program with like-minded thinkers, like-minded believers and like-minded Do-ers who all have one thing in common: They have chosen to live by their Soul’s Purpose. THIS is the place where you can receive the support you need.

I created Maxcelerators because when people come to me for help, my Soul cries YES! YES! YES! But, many of them can’t afford private coaching, though my prices are extremely reasonable. I created this self-guided, on demand group coaching program to provide help to everyone who needs it. Now, the caveat is that it is a group coaching program so you’re going to have to commit to it and have some self-discipline about it. The effort you put into it will translate into the results you get out of it. Are you ready? Say YES!

Pat Forbes

Tracee is a real forward thinker and knows how to take a person into their next step of manifesting their goal.

Alchemy Universal Therapies Year of YES! Client January 19, 2016

CJ McDaniel

Tracee has given me more effective tools and ideas and has helped me stay motivated until results have flowed in. I am more positive and attracting what I desire almost all of the time as opposed to part of the time. I feel more supported, as well. Tracee is extremely knowledgeable, motivated, creative, and energetic

Lymphworks Maxcelerators February 7, 2014

default image

Bina Mehta

I am very grateful to have met Tracee at a pivotal point in my career as an Energy Healer. We worked together from summer 2012 and ended our business engagement at the end of 2014. Prior to working with Tracee I had almost no online presence. Tracee educated me about the importance of a website, social

Feminine Divine Year of YES! Client November 11, 2013

Alexis Saint

I just landed a six figure private practice partnership in a community that I moved to only 5 days ago! Tracee Sioux coached me to ask for what I want and to listen to my soul's deepest longings. For me it was mindset and perception shifts that enabled me to stop playing small. Before Tracee

Psychotherapist Maxcelerators July 7, 2014

default image

Christina Verg

Tracee has helped me realize that nothing is impossible. Since becoming a part of her law of attraction mastermind I have gone from being a struggling single mother that is on public assistance to being more successful than ever. My romantic relationship sets the bar super high for what I deserve and makes me a

Northern Colorado Aesthetics Maxcelerators November 22, 2013

Video Encouragement

here’s what it’s all about

What’s Included

practical. spiritual. coaching. community.

Class Topics

classes for Soul-full living

Soul Whispering

My signature video course walks you through a writing meditation which will teach you to silence the outside voices, hear your Soul speak and get the guts to say YES! to it.

Master Your Time

This unique course teaches you how to become the master of your time by experiencing your time as pleasure. It teaches you how to make more money in less time, connect with your Soul’s Purpose and make your true values your priority. If you’re not the master of your time you’re the master of nothing!

Find the Love You Want

This course is like nothing you’ve ever heard about Love. It starts with the premise that the word Love is an inadequate thing to ask for because of all the ambiguous meanings in our culture and the shifting landscape of relationships. This course can be used for romantic love, client love, community love and familial love.

Soul-Conomics: Make More Money

Most people, especially the spiritual ones, have no clue how the energy of money really works. They have “issues” about making money and charging money. But, not after this class. This class will change everything and make you a money magnet without even “trying.”

Who is This For?

YOU, of course

  • you want to live your Soul’s Purpose

    You don’t have to know what it is yet. Or be unafraid.

  • you need support

    We’ve got your back.

  • you need practical help

    And you’re motivated to make changes to get what you want.

  • you’re on the verge

    It’s so close you can taste it. And you want it.

  • you’re worth a meal

    If you believe that saying YES! to your Soul is worth the price of on meal per month. Give up a single dinner out to change your life.

Video Testimonials

what our Maxcelerators say