How do I know what my Soul wants?

books-20167_640That’s the number one question that people ask me, How do I know what my Soul wants?

Step one is to silence the outside voices. The world is so stinking noisy. Loud. Mostly it’s not even important information it’s just distraction. Take 24 hour news channels. There isn’t 24 hours worth of news so they just start shouting the same news from different pundits and saying asinine things about this “news” and not a single viewer is made happier for it.

But, if you listen to enough of the media, the culture, the marketing, the pundits you start to think that this is what you believe. But you—the deepest part of you—don’t really care about 99.9% of any of it.

You care about living your Soul’s Purpose. You want to know what that is so that you can live it and wake up everyday living a life of meaning and joy.

And your Soul knows how to do that too. It really does. If you would just shut the rest of the nonsense up then you’d find that your Soul has been speaking to you all along and telling you exactly which path to take so that you would live a life of meaning and joy.

If you want more tools to help you do that, Maxcelerators is a really easy place to start your Soul’s journey.

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