The Februaries and Manifesting

February can often be the most difficult month for people. It’s still winter, dark and cold. Things don’t appear to be manifesting as quickly as you would like.

You’ve made all these ambitious goals and set these beautiful intentions. But, you don’t really have enough energy—or enough structure in place—to make things happen.

In truth, things might be going a little shitty.

This is because of a law of attraction money and relationship phenomenon called “chemicalization.”

You set a new course, a new direction and the entire Universe is organizing itself around you. Actually the entire world set a new course and the Universe spends the entire month of February reorganizing itself around all the new resolutions, goals and intentions.

The Universe knows the fastest easiest way to get you where you’ve chosen to go. The worst thing you can do now is to change course. Just hang on and hold your ground. You’ve made good decisions and the Universe is backing you up.

It only looks like it’s not going in the right direction. But, it is. I promise that it is.

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