How to Be More Creative

how to be more creativeOne critical thing I talk about with my coaching clients, whether it’s writing coaching, business coaching or personal coaching is the structure of creativity.

I’m a highly creative person. I’ve made a living as a writer my whole life. Writing is the juice, my Soul’s purpose, my primary medium of creativity—though there are others like painting, sewing, crafting, dream boarding, etc.

I want to let you in on the secret to creativity.


Without structure your creativity will be more about “someday” than something that you manifest.

How many of you have thought, “One day I’ll write a book?”

But “one day” never comes. It’s always some unfixed arbitrary day in the future.

Why? Is it because published writers are more talented and creative than you? Sort of. They certainly develop more talent by practicing their craft more.

William Faulkner is said to have said, I only write when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes at nine every morning.”

Successful creatives aren’t just creative, they are also persistent and disciplined and create structure for themselves.

Working writers, artists, actors and musicians understand the value of structure and create it for themselves.

Where do you need to create structure so that you can be more creative?

I’m offering a class called Time Sex, it’s free right now. This class will make you more creative by helping you create structure.

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