Time Sex

Time Sex. In the mastermind, Maxcelerators: Maximize and Accelerate Your Soul’s Purpose in Business and in Life, I’ve invented a curriculum called Time Sex. It will be the first program I release in 2015. The focus on this group coaching program is Time: the Mother of all commodities, the revealer of True Values, the most desired and coveted thing in the world today.

Busyness is the #1 killer of Soul Purpose.

We have to start living time a new way. The way we’re living now with the chronic busyness is abhorrent to life.  It massacres Pleasure, depletes Joy, destroys Love, disconnect Connection and beats the shit out of Creativity.

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m just disgusted with the Time/Busyness conversation.

I just want to walk away from someone who recites their litany of things to do when I ask them how they are … it’s just really bad bragging is what it is. Bragging about being so busy is like bragging about having to take a shower three times a day because you work sooooo hard.

It’s gross.

In fact, sometimes I do walk away.

Oh, I will when I have time. Oh, I’d love to, but things are just so crazy right now. Maybe in the fall, things will settle down.

That person just told me they don’t have time to be my friend or date me or work with me. I don’t wait around for them to wake up from their Time Delusions. I move on. Because I know it’s just going to be a frustrating exercise of requesting someone’s attention who’s addicted to busyness and calling it productivity. Getting a “hit” of dopamine as they cross items off their to-do list. But the “settle down”,  “less busy,” “when I have Time” part is never going to come.

Unless they change the way they’re Living Time.

I have a theory, rushing and busyness is there to tell you something.

I feel something more calling to me but I don’t know what it is, so I’m going to run faster and do more stuff, hoping to relieve this chronic longing in my heart. But the secret is that only living your Soul’s Purpose can do that.

Simultaneously busyness is the Ego’s #1 lie that keeps you from your Soul’s Purpose.

If you stay chronically busy, you never have time to hear your own Soul speak and the Ego can keep you trapped in same. Same chronically busy day or week or month. Same.

Which is why Maxcelerators is reinventing Time for its members with a curriculum called Time Sex.

We’ll be making choices based on the Joy Factor with the Joy ROI (return on investment) spreadsheets. This Time-Shifting Method doesn’t just measure a financial return, it measures whether you find Joy in those hours.

In Maxcelerators we’ll make The Art of Pleasure Drenching a spiritual practice.

Nothing repels what you’re trying to manifest like busyness. Heck, even if you get what you want you’ll be too busy to enjoy it unless you change the way you live Time.

So take a second and stop. Breathe. Close your eyes. Ask your Soul …  Listen for the truth …

How would I feel if I were less busy?

If your Soul unclenched, relaxed and said “aaaahhhhh ….” At the thought of living life at a Pleasure Pace, then Maxcelerators is for you.

Time is a big deal. You’ll still have shit to do. You will become more productive—doing more in less time—but you will also become more Joy-Full because you’ll be investing Time discovering and manifesting your Soul’s Purpose and Drenching yourself in Pleasure.

Time Sex.

Say YES!




p.s. I’ve priced this to be accessible by everyone. I’m not interested in helping my clients to financial trouble so that they feel compelled to work harder and faster to pay for the group coaching program. I’m giving you an entire YEAR of Maxcelerators membership for only $222.

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