Like a Good Bra, You Need the Right Support

In The Seven Secrets of Six-Figure Women by Barbara Stanny researched high-earners and under-earners to figure out what patterns and habits made the difference.

A key difference was that every high-earning woman has the right kind of real support. They had True Believers, people who unequivocally believe in her success and Way Showers, people who can tell her how to get what she wants.

Under-earning women relied on their BFF, spouse or mother and sometimes those people weren’t really supportive and they didn’t know anything about where the woman wanted to go.

Maxelerators: Maximize and Accelerate your Soul’s Purpose in Business and Life fills both gaps for its members—both male and female.

First, we believe in our members’ success because we are True Believers. We believe with our whole body, mind, and Souls that you can have the dream house (even if you don’t think you can qualify for a loan with no fulltime job), you can launch and grow your fantasy business, you can take exotic vacations and buy the thrill ride car and meet the man-of-your-dreams and create an epic relationship based on a shared vision, laughing babies and great sex.

We’re also Way Showers, we can tell you how to get where you want to go. The Maxcelerators Year of YES! Players have extensively studied, practiced and experimented with Law of Attraction. Among our numbers are very powerful healers in modalities ranging from affirmative prayer, Reiki, Healing Touch and Universal White Time Energy Healing. We are badass entrepreneurs with expertise and proven success in branding and marketing, strategy and packaging, market research and conscious business practices driven by meaning and purpose.

Add to that, Maxcelerators members are experts in their various fields and each person commits to bringing their positive energy, high vibration and field of expertise to the group.

Masterminds and group coaching is a time-honored and proven method to success, touted by the big J.C. and Success Magazine alike.

If two or more of you agree on something, it must happen. ~Jesus Christ

Masterminds move you from great to mastery. ~ Success Magazine

This mastermind, Maxcelerators is way fun and touts miracles and magic among its previous and current members. Results include moving to dream cities with dream jobs, finding love with mates that seem to walk right off the page of their relationship vision list, the manifesting of several Soul Purpose conscious companies, dream houses purchased with mortgages impossible to get, being featured in national and regional publications, less busyness, better relationships and a marked improvement in finances.

Don’t keep trying to go it alone. It’s too easy to get busy and sidetracked and your Ego is one powerful motha fucka to take on single-handedly.

Allow yourself access to a high-vibrational mastermind. It’s only $222 for the whole YEAR. Compare that to $6,000 to $12,000 group coaching programs that a great many of their participants go into debt to join. No debt. No coaching by overwhelm! Just Joy, Support and Success.


Say YES!

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