Vision Boards + How to Be Less Busy

dreamboardHave you made a Vision Board for this year yet? What are you waiting for?

I’ve made 7 annual Vision Boards and done a lot of experimenting with them for myself, my kids, friends and clients.

One major mistake that people make is to put too much stuff on their dream board. They think … I want this and this and this and this and this!!!

And they make a collage that has no space at all in it. Yes, you can write a book, go to law school, keep your full time job, be a full time mother, go to Peru and throw a huge 40th birthday bash this year.

But it probably won’t be that much fun because you’ll be so stinking busy that you won’t have any time at all to breath. In other words, the joy of all of those things will be sucked out of your life because you’ll be overwhelmed and “crazy busy” all year long.

Souls hate busyness. Mainly because you can’t hear them speak, you’re always too damn busy to do what they ask you to do and your Soul doesn’t want to do it anyway.

So, this year when making a Vision Board, put some white space in it. You might just leave a section completely blank. You might add an image that signifies “all the time in the world.”

I’m offering a class called Time Sex. This class will make you less busy and more productive. Magic.

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