Successful Women Don’t DIY their Lives

woman-149722_640The number one reason that people fail is that they’re trying to do life themselves. Women especially feel like they have to do everything for everyone without ever asking for help.

God forbid we need “saving.”

Dear God I need saving everyday. Most days I pray, help me, into the heavens at least once.

I recently heard that the average woman breaks down and cries from overwhelm once a week. Seriously!?!?! What are we doing?

What a terrible way to live.

Conversely, when women are truly successful it’s because they’ve sought the help of others. Whether that’s a business mentor or coach or a personal trainer or a life coach or a neighbor to help out with babysitting … successful women have figured out that doing life alone is a losing endeavor.

Outsource, ask for help, hire people, delegate some responsibility.

We’re not playing a game of solitaire here, we’re playing a game together and when we admit our need for support, we free ourselves from overwhelm.

Free yourself with Maxcelerators.

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