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What is Coaching: How to Choose the Right Match

heart-583895_640What is Coaching? A coach is a person who can help you figure out what you really want and tell you how to get there.

You only know what you know. And if you think you know everything you’re probably 14 years old. By now you’ve figured out that there are some gaps in your knowledge.

You can find coaches to walk you through a specific problem you’re working through: you might find a lifestyle coach if you want to lose 35 pounds; a business coach if you need a new business model; a writing coach if you want to publish a well-crafted book; a marriage or family coach if your interpersonal relationships need a way out of crisis; a law of attraction, manifesting or spiritual coach if you’re looking to improve your ability to manifest using spiritual law.

You should look at who you’re naturally drawn to when choosing a coach. Sure, there are lots of qualifying criteria, pretty websites, sales funnels, etc. It can be overwhelming just to look for the right coach.

The bottom line though, is whether your Soul, your inner voice, tells you I want what she’s having.

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