What is Coaching: I’ll Have What She’s Having

coach-407290_640What is coaching? Life, business and spiritual direction. There are a huge number of coaches out there promising to help you. And many of them really can help you. We’re having an awakening and coaches are leading the charge to bring light to Earth, one person at a time, one tribe at a time.

How do you know which coach is right for you?

I have a rule of thumb that will help you choose a coach in any and every situation. It lies in one question:

Do you want what they have?

If the answer is yes, then you should hire them. If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t.

Let me give you some examples:

I used to attend this church, it was a lovely place full of wonderful, strong, divorced spiritual advisors. And they were invaluable to me as I went through my own divorce. They encouraged me and held me up. Which was great for that period of my life. But, then I was ready to move on and enter a new relationship. What I realized was that because these women were not in loving, committed relationships they could not guide me to that. So many of them had not healed their own pain from past relationships, so they weren’t the right people to help me find a beautiful relationship with a wonderful man.

Another example: I once attended this workshop about finding spiritual relationships and becoming the right blend of feminine to attract the right blend of masculine. I loved the idea of coaching in this area. I’m super into spiritual sexuality. But, here’s the thing. I didn’t like this woman’s feminine energy and I was super turned off by the energy between her and her man. I thought, I don’t want anything this woman has going on. Several of my friends did take the class and they loved what they go out of it. So it was a bad choice for me and a good choice for them.

How do you choose a coach? If you are looking at what they are living (not what they are selling) you say, I’ll have what she’s having then that’s the right coach for you.

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