Manifesting Faster is Easy

sun-310144_640Manifesting is as much about habit as anything. It’s habitual thought that pull things to you or drives them away.

You have thousands of thoughts every day. The majority of your thoughts aren’t even new thoughts, they are repetitive habitual thoughts that are so much a part of you that you don’t even realize you’re thinking them for the one kajillionth time that day.

It’s the repetitive habitual thoughts that drive the Universe.

I’m too busy. I’m always late. I’m too flighty. I’m bad with money. What is wrong with me?

Yes, people think negative repetitive thoughts all the time.

So you’re manifesting … and quickly … by default.

Which is why it’s really important that you create positive habitual thoughts one at a time through spiritual practices such as affirmations.

The only reason affirmations work is that they are creating a thought habit. So you can change your life one thought habit at a time. The more thought habits that are positive, the faster manifesting happens for you.

Try this: put an affirmation in your smart phone’s reminders app: I’m smart enough and good enough and gosh darn it, people like me!

That pops up on your phone everyday at 2 pm for a year and you’ll eventually believe it.

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