What is Manifest Destiny?

yes-68480_640If your Soul came here with a Purpose (it did), then what is the place of Free Will?

Which is it? Free Will or Destiny?

Both! Duh.

What is manifest destiny? Your Soul’s Purpose! Your Soul came here with a Purpose. I have no doubt about that. But this does not mean that every moment of your life is planned out and fore-destined. In fact, every moment of every day you have a choice about everything you do.

Your Soul may have come here to spread light through the written word. And maybe it was so specific as my purpose “to write a really important book.” I did that in The Year of YES! I have no doubt, not a shred of doubt, that this book was part of my Soul’s Purpose. But I could have chosen not to. I could have turned another way and simply refused to do it.

Writing that book was the single scariest thing I’ve done in my whole entire life. What would happen to my life after the book came out was 100% unpredictable. It’s such a raw, open look at my life that it was extremely risky to expose myself in that way and I didn’t know what the social consequences were going to be.

And yet I chose to do it.

But, I didn’t have to. I could have chosen to play it safe and continued to grow my marketing business.

And lots of you are doing that. You’re choosing to play it safe and continuing down your safe and predictable path. Ignoring the call of your Soul. And you might be living a pretty decent life while doing that.

But, always you’ll have a longing for more unless you take the path of your Soul and choose your manifest destiny.

I published the book and it launched a publishing company Sioux Ink, and now I publish other writers’ Soul Purpose work. And I never would have known that was a thing I was going to do without the book.

You don’t want to miss your manifest destiny because it is meant for you and no one else. But you do have to choose.

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