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Healing Your Addiction To Busy

busyness to businessI’m sorry, I can’t, I don’t have any time.  I’d really love to, but I’m so crunched right now. I hate that I have to miss it, but I’m overwhelmed with everything going on. I have to pass, I barely have the time to breathe right now.

What is your relationship with Time?

We can create scarcity mindsets in so many ways. Poverty doesn’t just exist financially. We can make ourselves poor intellectually, spiritually, in Love, and yes, in Time. We can rob ourselves of the time we have. We can overfill our schedules to where we never accomplish anything. And we can push ourselves into doing so much that we lose the ability to even focus on what we’re experiencing in the moment.

I’ve had clients that have become almost completely numb to the beauty of the world around them because they’ve been so overwhelmed. I’ve had clients that were completely certain that their lives were devoid of meaning, and that they didn’t have the love, joy, or beauty that their Souls craved. They saw the people around them enjoying life seemingly effortlessly and couldn’t figure out why it felt so tough for them. And once we cleared out some space emotionally and in their schedules, they found that they suddenly had the energy to enjoy their lives again.

It takes Time and Energy to enjoy your life. It takes Time to appreciate beauty. It takes Energy to be grateful for the abundance that surrounds you. And if you need help learning how to manage your Time, then check out my free class on Time Sex.

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