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Abundance Mini-Meditation

self peaceThis is one of my favorite meditations for when I was working on building and maintaining a sense of excited anticipation around money and abundance.

When you’re lying in bed first thing before you fall asleep at night, start visualizing a dollar bill gently floating down from your bedroom ceiling to fall on your face. You’re happy, and a little surprised. You aren’t certain where it came from, but you’re happy about it. You roll over to put it away, and when you start lying back down, you see that several more dollar bills are now laying on your bed next to you. You get a little excited. Where is this money coming from? How fun is this?

You reach out, pick up the dollar bills, and before you can sit up straight again, you now have stacks of five and ten dollar bills all over your bed. You reach out to grab a stack, and your whole bed is now completely covered. You sit up, and your pillows are now hidden under a pile of twenty dollar bills. You jump out of bed to see where the money is coming from, but your bed is now completely covered by a giant pile of money.

You look around, and all of the corners of your bedroom are filled with stacks of twenty, fifty, and hundred dollar bills. Your closet doors burst open and money falls out. The money is coming in now faster than you can keep track of. You can’t even see your furniture anymore because everything is covered in so much money.

You don’t even have space for all of it anymore. It’s pushed you out of your bedroom, and is overflowing into the whole house. There is money literally everywhere in your home, in your car, and in your life. You are out in the middle of the yard now, looking at your home. Money is bursting out of every window. You have so much money that you don’t even know where to put it anymore. You know absolutely that the money will never stop flowing, and not only do you have enough to take care of all of your desires, you have enough to support your family for as long as you want long after you are gone. You happily pull up a giant pile of money, are surprised to find how warm, soft, and comfortable it is, and you immediately fall asleep knowing that you are completely financially supported by the Universe.

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