Stop Hosing Your Creative Fire

Get honest with yourself. Ditch the self-sabotaging criticism. That’s right. YOU have brilliance to share. What message would you share if nothing were holding you back? Just allow yourself to dream for a minute. Psst…I said no excuses! So, what book is your soul begging you to write?

Guess what. That book is yours. It must be born.

But you haven’t done it. You’ve blown it off. Procrastinated. Another year’s gone by. Why? Is it because you suck? Because you’re a failure?

Again: ditch the self-sabotaging talk. You don’t suck. You’re just overwhelmed. Distracted. You haven’t done it because blocks get in the way like:

  • Texts, calls, emails
  • Crying kids
  • Bills, errands and… work (that you don’t love yet)
  • Not knowing where the hell to start when you only have thirty minutes (if that) to yourself

So you think, “I’ll do it when…”, but that day never comes.

We need easy, inspiring ways to make writing FUN, stress-relieving, and dare we say, effortlessly indulgent. You’re not going to be motivated to write unless it feels completely opposite from the rest of overwhelming life. Instead of being an obligation, writing your book’s got to feel like your own sacred, cherished, soul-nurturing activity.

That’s what inspired me to write “Book Smackdown….the ONE thing you MUST do to write your book +10 EASY ways to GET IT DONE!” I wanted to help other writers understand (in one day) what’s taken me years to learn. “Book Smackdown,” is a simple guide to the ONE, single most important thing you’ve got to do to get your book written. After you understand that, I give you 10 ways to get it done (you CHOOSE which works best for you)!

Truth be told, the world NEEDS your book. Turns out, YOU’RE the best person for the job; otherwise your book wouldn’t be begging you to write it. We need light, innovation and inspiration (desperately)!

If you don’t write YOUR book, believe me, it’ll find someone else more willing. Don’t surrender what you know is yours. Don’t hide those bright ideas. It’s time to say YES to YOU and birth your brilliance (instead of just talking about it). Pre-order “Book Smackdown” TODAY!