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Healing Burn Out and Other Disasters

business coachingMassive emotional release.

Complete overwhelm.

Relief mingled with shock.

If you’re on the path to spiritual and personal healing then you know what I’m talking about.

How many times have you started working on a roadblock or soul wound only to find that you get caught in the overwhelm? Or maybe you are starting to work your way out of one of the holes in your life that you or someone you care about has so kindly dug for you, only to feel like there’s something right there trying to push you back into the hole?

You’re making progress, you’re sure of it, but somehow it doesn’t seem to really be getting you anywhere.

We can lose sight so easily of our own progress. And I know that I have definitely been guilty of pushing myself so hard to “heal” or “get better” that I push myself and my Soul past my limits. How do we feel out those boundaries so that we keep growing and pushing enough to create real change in our lives but maintain our health and our much-needed energy?

This is when some guidance and support can be a big game-changer. Feedback makes the process of growth and development so much easier… and well… fun!

How great is it when your trusted friends start telling you how proud they are of you because they see the changes that you’re making? Or when you can start seeing the manifestations open up in your life just like magic? I love it when life is easy! I love it when it feels like the Universe is opening up anything and everything I need with ease and grace! It feels so good when I know that I can do absolutely everything that I have to do and want to do. It’s yummy to know that I can take care of myself in meaningful ways. This is the magic of working with a soul group. Working with a mastermind group means instant feedback and loving soul-level support. Manifest your intentions with joy in Maxcelerators

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