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Stop Picking The Low-Hanging Fruit

soul pathHands up for everyone who loves it when it’s easy.

Seriously, if you’re not raising your hand right now, then I know you’re lying.

But what if you’re looking for too easy?

What if the low-hanging fruit in your life is keeping you from grabbing the brass ring? Are you so busy taking what’s easy in your life that you’re forgetting to even stop and ask yourself what you really want?

This is when a life coach with years of marketing and business experience can help you clarify your ideas, clean out the spiritual and intellectual garbage, and help you kick the trash out of your life, your mind, and your schedule that’s keeping you from making space for the things you really want.

We live in a world that experiences time as a finite resource. We live in a world that believes that abundance is a finite resource. The moment we step into this life, we already have boxes getting drawn around us and separating us from the abundance that is a natural part of our being and experience as infinite beings. We walk into physical bodies, which is a limitation before we even take our first breath. Then we have all of those wonderful, loving people in our lives who fill us full of messages about scarcity, lack, and can’t.

One of my first jobs as a life and business coach is to get my clients to stop picking the low-hanging fruit. The things that are easy for you in your life right now, are easy because it’s the same watering hole that you’ve been going to your entire life. You’re not going to find the girl of your dreams by continuing to date the exact same type of woman you’ve always dated before. You’re not going to get that dream job by applying to the jobs that you know you’re over-qualified for. And you’re sure as heck not going to write that book you’ve been talking about for the last five years if you’re filling up your time by reading other people’s books.

Yes, saying YES! to your Soul brings you ease. But it also challenges the heck out of you. You’re going to stretch. You need to look further up the tree. You might even need to build a ladder. And this is where it starts to get really exciting. Because as you’re building your ladder, and climbing higher and higher, you start wondering… How far do I want to go?

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