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Spiritually-Centered Business Coaching

business not busy-nessWhen I was first starting my business I went to a lot of seminars. I went out of my way to learn the tools that I knew I was going to need to run my business. I knew that it was worth the investment to run a business the way that I really wanted to, the way that I felt like the world and the community around me deserved to have me run my business.

Running a business isn’t always easy, but running a spiritually-centered business takes a level of intention and dedication that few aspire to. I’m super lucky in that regard to be living in this amazing town in Northern Colorado where there are so many spiritual people who are actively looking to lead Heart Open lives. It’s amazing when I get to start a session with a client and they ask for a moment for a quick prayer or meditation so that we can start with intention and invite the Divine into our work. I am literally surrounded by light workers and beautiful souls of the highest degree.

It’s incredible the kind of miracles that can happen when you invite intention into your business. It goes beyond the Law of Attraction. Manifestation is easy when you have a whole support group built up of spiritually strong like-minded people.

It’s so much more fun, exciting, abundant, and rewarding when you can surround yourself with exactly the kind of client that you want. With exactly the kind of support you’re wanting. With exactly the feedback that you need to take yourself, your business, your life, and your Soul’s Purpose to the next level. It’s time to start playing big. You’re officially invited. Ask me about it at

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