receive your YES!

Bathing Yourself In Pleasure

receive your YES!I want you to picture yourself in a giant, awesome, delicious bowl of yummy.

Your whole body is being coated with intoxicating fragrances and luxurious oils. Invisible hands are running over every square inch of you with infinite love and tenderness. You are warm and comfortable. You are exposed, but find that you are completely comfortable. You feel safe, protected, and secure. You feel adored.

It is as though all of the abundant resources of the Universe have come together in this moment to lavish you with their complete attention and devotion. You are being actively adored.

You can feel your heart opening up in response to all of this incredible affection and attention. You know that it’s safe to receive. Your heart is stretching open wider, and wider, and wider to let in more of this amazing yummy goodness.

You can barely contain yourself you feel so happy, and grateful, and excited, but you are also entirely relaxed. You know that you don’t have to give anything back as payment for this attention. This is your time. You just need to be comfortable, relax, and open yourself to receive.

Your enjoyment is only limited right now by your own willingness to soak up the deliciousness of it all. Your whole “job” is to bask in divine ecstasy.

There is no bill to pay for this service. There are no errands that need to get done right afterwards. You don’t have to rush off and go do anything. You feel yourself soaking deeper into your own relaxation. Your muscles get heavier and the tension flows out. The more you relax, the more you relax that more you find you are capable of enjoying. You let go completely, giving yourself in and surrendering entirely to the joy, pleasure, and beauty of being supported by infinite resources that want nothing more than to support, please, and adore you. There are so many ways to experience abundance in this world. When you’re ready to start manifesting into your own life, then please contact me.

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