self growth

Worthiness and Other B.S.

self growthWorthy. Unworthy.

Worthy. Unworthy.

Worthy. Unworthy.

Rich. Poor.

Abundance. Scarcity.

Bounty. Lack.

Faith. Despair.

I grew up in a religion where I lived these lines everyday. I saw the world in black and white. Worthy. Unworthy. Pious. Hellion. Dutiful. Trouble-maker.

Then when I started on my spiritual path and started learning about the Law of Attraction, I saw the same things coming back in a different way.

You’re not attracting in abundance because you don’t feel worthy.

But when I started really thinking about that, I mean, come on… There are rich people on the news all the time who talk about how unworthy they feel. There are incredibly rich people who get involved with junk that’s totally illegitimate and causes hurt, and pain, and destruction. How’s that worthy?

But what if it’s not about being worthy? You and I both know that you already are. You are made of god-stuff. You are an infinite being. You were born into abundance back before you ever started your life here.

What if it’s about how you define your worth? What if it’s about recognizing that you don’t have to beat yourself half to death to make a living? Or that you don’t have to work twelve hour days to have done a good job. What if two hours was a great job? What if you doing a great job that day was doing a great job enjoying nature, life, and the beautiful body that you’ve been gifted into?

What if you don’t have to be a workaholic to feel like you’ve earned your lifestyle? What if you didn’t have to have your identity wrapped up in great big knots and little tiny bows with our culture’s Puritan work ethic and ideas of fairness?  What if you could just sit in joy and receive abundance?

It’s possible.

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