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Giving Yourself Permission To Demand MORE

self peaceSomething you’ll discover as you start listening to your Soul more and start saying YES! is that your Soul can be pretty bossy. You go through all of this trouble. You coax and cajole it out of the cages you’ve been keeping it all cooped up in for the last several years. You start feeding it. You acknowledge it. You even listen to it a little bit. Start letting it into the drivers seat. And then wham! it starts wanting things.

That sweet little nice girl who was so easy to please, and submissive, and soft, and easy-going? The Cool Girl? Yeah, she doesn’t live here anymore. Sorry.

But you aren’t sorry, because you realize what a waste of time it would be.

You start recognizing all of the times that you said things like “sorry” and didn’t mean them. You start recognizing all of the times when you weren’t putting up boundaries, sticking to your guns, and being authentic.

And now your Soul is standing up. She’s freaking tired of settling. She doesn’t want to swallow her words anymore. And she wants MORE.

She wants MORE than what you’ve ever let her had before. She doesn’t want to live off of the crumbs anymore. That’s not going to satisfy her any longer. You’ve started actually feeding her. You’ve been letting her out into the sunshine to play instead of hiding her in her little shoe box under the bed. And she wants to live. She wants you to live.

She’s not going to settle anymore. She’s not going to let you shut up your intuition anymore either. She knows you’re meant for more. She won’t let you play small. She won’t let you hide your gifts, or your voice, or your talent. She won’t let you receive less than anymore.

Good. Because that’s when it starts getting juicy. Want to know more? Download a free chapter from the Year of YES!

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