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Opening In Vulnerability

soul's purposeBeing vulnerable can suck.

It can hurt. It can be scary. It can mean letting go of all of the junk that you’ve been holding onto for decades like an old, worn out, familiar fuzzy blanket. It means not hiding what you’re really feeling when you’re talking with someone, no matter how absolutely terrified you are to speak your mind. It can mean making people mad. It can mean disappointing your family. It can mean getting your heart dashed into pieces even when you thought you’d had it nicely tucked up under your arm where it was nice and safe. It can mean shining your light out where someone might actually see it.

Or heaven forbid, actually letting someone realize how incredibly gifted and talented you actually are and then being acknowledged and appreciated for it.

Being vulnerable is being exposed.

Being vulnerable means being open. It means a heart-led life. It means walking in faith and trust. It means not slamming the door shut on your soul. It means having faith that you can receive something than poison arrows in your chest when you stand up straight to be seen. It means that you might actually be praised, received, acknowledged for the amazingly talented person that you truly are.

And that’s where the beauty is. That’s when abundance stops hiding in the corners and under the sofa cushions that you swear you’ve already checked under, and suddenly shows up at your door knocking. That’s when that support that your Soul has been craving for your ideas is all of a sudden right underneath you. You sit up and realize that you aren’t falling into oblivion like you’d imagined. You’re being supported by the Universe. In a big, amazing, beautiful way.

Clients are showing up. Money is rolling in. Love is pouring into your life from a dozen different sources. Stress, anxiety, and fear all vanish. It can be scary. But the results are totally worth it. Talk to the lady who’s lived it.

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