say YES! to your Soul

Dare Yourself To Demand More

say YES! to your SoulWhen was the last time you really dared to get specific? You have a vision board. You journal. You meditate regularly. You practice active visioning. But how specific are you really letting your Soul be?

What if your Soul is crying out to give you all of the details you really need to start manifesting your magic? What if the devil really is in the details?

You ask for ease and simplicity, but do you ask for un-rushed time periods to relax, take cat naps, and go for ninety minute massages whenever you feel like you want them?

You ask for abundance and prosperity, but you didn’t mention craving the absolute knowingness that you always have enough money to take care of all of your wants and desires and being able to treat yourself beautifully in the ways that are most meaningful to you.

And maybe you have a laundry list for your ONE, but is that list a shoe/dress size, or is it a list of soul-level qualities that will help you recognize that person in ways that make your own Soul light up?

Where attention goes, energy flows. We know this. And if you practice the Law of Attraction, then you’ve probably gotten much more specific about your choice of wording and your thoughts than you ever were before in your life. But how specific are you actually being?

Dare to DEMAND. Dare to really open up to your Soul’s longings. Dare to write down, to actually physically pull out paper and a pen, and WRITE DOWN the things that your soul is craving.

You know that there are things on your board, in your journal, in your dreams, hidden in your heart that you aren’t asking for. There are layers behind the things that you feel safe asking for. Give me abundance, but not too much. Bring me love, but not anything that I actually have to stretch into. Let me receive, but let me keep my fears of not getting enough. Dare to DEMAND. That’s when the real change happens.

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