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Failing Your Way to Amazing!!

self loveIf you’re afraid to fail then you need to cut. that. crap. out.

I mean it. You’re way bigger than that, and I already know it. I know it because I know you’re being called to live a Soul’s Purpose that’s way bigger than maybe you’ve even dared to dream of yet.

During my Year of YES! I went through so many amazing changes, but maybe the most incredible was recognizing that the only thing that was really ever going to break me, was me.

Stop falling for it. Don’t swallow it anymore. It’s a lie, and you know it.

You will have moments when you feel like you are failing. Maybe you even have already gone through times when you were absolutely certain that you would never recover. That you were obviously just way to broken, damaged, or whatever other nonsense to ever be successful, happy, loved, etc., etc., etc..

There are no mistakes in the long run. You are going to go through so many incredible minor course changes on your way to where your Soul is planning on taking you. Remember, your soul is infinite. It has the advantage of already knowing where you’re going if you’ll just surrender your Ego and let it take you there. And in the scope of infinite knowledge, these teeny tiny things that you have had happen in your life that you’ve labeled as mistakes are not anywhere big enough to keep you from where your Soul is capable of taking you today.

I firmly believe that all of those crummy experiences that we all go through at some point in time are the same stuff that make us uniquely qualified to go out and help heal the world around us. We are god stuff in human form. We are physical bodies crammed full with the Divine. We are capable of so, so, so much more than we allow ourselves. Stop making yourself wrong for the very things that make you amazing.

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