self growth


self growthWhere have you set your limits? How much are you willing to accept?

If someone came and dumped a million dollars in your lap right now would you turn around and tell them that you didn’t deserve it? When your friends give you a compliment, is one of the first things out of your mouth “yeah, but”?

“Yeah, but it wasn’t that big a deal.”

“Yeah, but anyone could have done it.”

“Yeah, but she’s prettier than I am.”

“Yeah, but I used to be way more cut.”

That “but” is instantly cutting off that positive energy. The Universe is sending you in good things, and it’s like you’re waving a giant red flag and screaming “no, actually, I didn’t want that giant truckload of awesome that I ordered.”

Maybe I’ll just settle over here with these broken little toys in the corner, that way no one will notice me and the other kids won’t get jealous. I don’t really need that trip to the beach. Or the raise. Or the new clients. I don’t actually want my Soul Mate. I’m way too comfortable over here.

How much are you stopping yourself from receiving because you’ve gotten too comfortable being uncomfortable?

Have you created an Upper Limit Problem? Have you gotten so used to settling, making yourself small, being afraid to take up space, and dimming your light so that it doesn’t shine too bright that now you’ve forgotten where the dimmer switch is? You know that you weren’t meant to play small. You know that your Soul Purpose is calling you. You know that God has BIG THINGS planned for you. But you’ve been cramped up in that little tiny corner in the upstairs closet of your soul for so long that now you’re struggling to stand up straight. This is an Upper Limit Problem. This is when an experienced life coach can be a game changer. It’s time to shine bright.

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