Worth Paying Taxes For

There are some things worth paying taxes for . . .

Roads. Schools. Libraries. Police Force. Fire Men. Health Care.

Top on the list is enough FBI Agents and resources to hunt down and prosecute Sexual Predators stalking our children for their own sick psycho-sexual pleasure.

I’m pretty much willing to pay whatever it takes to lock those deranged animals up.

Oprah made it easy and wrote a sample letter. You just have to copy and paste, sign your name and click senate.gov or congress.gov on her site and whalla you’ve taken political action demanding that the United States Government protects its own children.

We can bail out banks and car manufacturers and they totally screwed up.

Our kids are innocent and we can’t throw them to the wolves. They deserve our protection. They deserve to have the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act funded.

Find the money.

Click Here to Take Political Action.

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