Girls Talk Sex on Oprah

Following last week’s show and talking to your kids about sex and the whole vibrator thing – I think America was somewhat shocked that it had you know. . . . gone this far.

Do girls masturbate? Well, yes Gail King, they do. And some of us are okay with that. (The ones who masturbate/masturbated? (wondering why Mark Consuelo can say he masturbated for three years straight and I feel like I’ve just crossed a major social boundary for implying I might’ve heard about it?))

Should we, their parents, buy them vibrators? Uh. Some of us are just not ready for that.

Maybe it’s a bad idea?

I do not have any insider information at all about today’s scheduled Oprah show in which she discusses what’s really going on with teenage girls.

I suspect it might shock me into conservatism.

See, here’s the thing. I’m a girl who did and wishes she didn’t. I’m a girl who well, set the bar too low.

It’s not that I’m shocked girls send their semi-nude and nude photos on cell phones – I’m just profoundly grateful they hadn’t invented cell phones when I was younger and my long-distance boyfriend probably deleted those email.

I just can’t tell you how much I pray that Ainsley’s not nearly as stupid as her mother.

If anyone gets why girls do the things they do – I do.
If anyone gets why girls shouldn’t do the things they do – I do.

For the same reason – because I did.

Old tactics for prevention and abstinence don’t work.

They didn’t work when I was a kid and they don’t work now.

So, I think it’s best that every parent tune into Oprah today and listen to what Laura Berman and the teenagers who say they are “ready” have to say. It will be useful information whether we agree or not.

We’re going to have to do something different. You know the definition of insanity: “Doing the same things and expecting a different result.”

Time to rethink sex prevention and education.

Wanna meet up here and talk about it?

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