year of YES!

Why Failure is God’s Gift

year of YES!How many times have you felt like just as you started getting up and going in life you ran into a wall? You’re almost there. Bam! You’re getting closer. Bam! You have it almost figured out. Bam!

Failure is the Universe’s way of telling you that you’re not quite where you’re supposed to be.

It can be so hard to listen sometimes. I fought my own voices for years as I struggled to keep being someone that I knew that I wasn’t meant to be; living a life that wasn’t really mine to live. I begged and pleaded with my soul. I worked hard and long to be the person that I felt like I needed to be. To be a person of worth and value based upon the decisions and limitations of others.

I let other people put my Soul into a cage and throw away the key. I spent decades of my life alternately living by and running from other people’s visions of who and what I was supposed to be, and what my value proposition was to the world.

I had forgotten how to live in simple joy. I had forgotten the beautiful, luxurious, soul-drenching pleasure of living a heart-led life. I had forgotten the exultant beauty of living out my own voice and truth in the world.

This is when we run into walls. Our soul puts them there for a reason. If you’re running into roadblocks and you don’t know why, it’s time to slow down and readjust. I’ve spent years collecting tools and resources that brought me from the brink of soul disaster to full Soul Glory, and I know these tools can do the same for you. Download a free chapter of my memoirs, The Year of YES! to learn more.

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