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Why Worthiness is a Lie

self loveWe have ALL felt unworthy.  At some point in time, we have had those thoughts and feelings. There is a Little Liar in our Heads that talks to us and tells us this crap. It lies through its teeth. It lies, and sinks its nasty little venom into our hearts and souls. It lies and tells us that we aren’t worth it, that we aren’t special. It covers us in shame. It rends us with guilt. Dear Universe, please no one look at me and see that I’m not ENOUGH.

But you are enough. And you know that too. There’s a little voice curled up in your soul, in a small little protected corner, that keeps whispering. It’s like the little puppy that everyone keeps forgetting to feed. And it’s not getting fed, because that Little Liar in Your Head knows absolutely that if that little puppy gets fed that it’s going to turn into a big, nasty, giant guard dog for your Soul’s Purpose.

That Little Liar knows that it’s never going to be able to stop you once that dog grows up. It knows that the only way it’s going to be able to get you to settle is if it forces you to be ashamed of that little weak puppy. And it seems like there are dozens of people in our lives who are right there trying to kick that dog and tell us not to feed it. They’re scared that if you start letting that puppy grow up into a big strong protector, then maybe they have to start looking at their own scared, sad, neglected little puppies who have been starving and barely surviving in the corners of their own souls.

Marianne Williamson wrote that we’re more scared of our power, beauty, and light than we are of failure. She’s right. Who are you to be amazing, and beautiful, and powerful? You’re you. You’re incredible. And your soul is here for a reason. Whether that’s to start your business, lose your busy-ness, or birth your book, you’re valuable and meant to be here in this world. As a professional life coach, I know how to get you there. I did it for myself, and I’ve successfully shifted the lives of countless others in the Northern Colorado area and across the world. Email me at

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