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How Being Your Full, True Self is Even BETTER Than You Imagined

genius zoneI am 100% dedicated to the Law of Attraction. I have studied it and actively practiced it for years, and I know how powerful it is, and how well it works. It was the core focus of my Year of YES!, and brought me over, and around, and through obstacles and roadblocks that I had carried with me in my life for decades up until then.

Poverty mindset? Gone. Fear of vulnerability? Gone. Feeling unworthy? Gone.

This is powerful stuff. It literally created a whole new life in my personal Universe. It shifted my finances, my relationships with my family, my friendships, my business mindset, and my sense of self. It took me back to the person that I was meant to be in this world. It brought back the Goddess. It gave me permission to receive.

And once I opened myself up to receive, that’s when the real miracles started to show up in my life. I found that everything that I had been visioning, dream board-ing, and working with in mastermind groups for years was really starting to open up. And it was even bigger, and more beautiful, and more juicy and delicious than I had ever seen for myself before.

The reality is that I had been shortchanging myself for years. I had been denying the Goddess within. I had denied my Soul’s Purpose. I had denied the Spark of Genius that exists within all of us.

If you’re ready to move to that next level, to actually start living your Genius rather than just talking about it, then it’s time to talk. Email me at

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