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Giving Yourself Permission to Say YES!

self peaceSo, so many of us have spent so many years telling ourselves “no.” We grow up with our families telling us “no.” Our teachers tell us “no”. Our friends tell us “no.” Our significant others even tell us “no.”

“No, you can’t write your a book.”

“No, you’re never going to succeed at running your own business.”

“No, you can’t do that by yourself.”

“No, you’re not good enough to do that.”

Is it any wonder that as adults we’ve gotten so good at telling ourselves “no”?

“No, I can’t afford it.”

“No, it doesn’t make sense for me to buy a massage right now.”

“No, it’s silly to want to go to yoga tonight.”

“No, I have other things I need to do.”

I gave myself the gift of a Year of YES! and it literally changed my life. I broke past my financial barriers. I created supportive friendships and relationships. I took up my Soul’s Purpose and stopped running from “NO.”

Living a life of NO is living small. Living a life of NO hurts. Living a life of NO brings us down and stops us from living our Divine Essence. If you are ready to put all of that down and start discovering your YES! then email me at

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