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Making Love to Your Life Through YES!

say YES!I used to run around all of the time. I had a total scarcity mindset. It showed up in the way I experienced time, my money, and my relationships. I had a constant, nagging fear deep in my belly that I carried with me. I broke my clavicle and experienced thyroid issues that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get away from, but that I knew was psychic garbage that I had been carrying around with me through my life.

I was consumed with not only how I was going to pay my bills, which was sometimes more of a struggle than I want to remember, but with how I was going to be ok. Was I kidding myself? What was I doing? I was putting aside the sure bet to walk straight into the fires of my soul, to be baptized by Mother Earth and the Universe. I had a calling. I had to obey my Soul’s Purpose. And I knew absolutely from prior experience that even though my body might survive if I gave in to the pressures of the world around me and to the unceasing demands of my waistband to “get a job,” that my soul. would. die.

I went to spiritual retreat, to Mayan healer, to bodyworker, to spiritual retreat. All the way through my journey I made a conscious effort to heal and support myself in the ways that my soul was calling for. I was learning to make love to myself.

I was learning to fall in love with my own life. I was learning to love and care for myself in a way that I would expect not only from a lover, but from the Universe itself. I was giving permission to the Universe to love me. And it had to start with me. If you need help learning how to start making love to your life, then email me at

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