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Why Being My Worst Enemy Turned Me Into My Best Friend

self growthFor years I was my own worst enemy. I let myself be treated poorly, even abused, by the people that I loved and cared about the most. I swallowed my pain in an effort to be kinder, more loving, and more worthy of the kindness, affection, and generosity of those that I cared most about. I swallowed my dreams, smiled, and got pissed at myself for not being able to do more while doing thirty other things simultaneously.

I carried a knowingness somewhere in there. A knowingness of shame, of guilt, of unworthiness. Part of this has to do with the religion that I was raised in.  They were good at teaching me how to see my own lack of worth. There was no fifty shades of grey, in that church it was all black and white. And I knew absolutely that I wasn’t worthy. People had been telling me that my entire life.

And I think we all carry that knowingness inside of us. We know our Shadow. We see the ugly, the tired, the disappointed, the stressed, the neurotic. We can’t escape our own lives, our own knowingness. But somehow we all seem to have gotten really good at hiding from our light. We hide away our Genius and our Divine in an effort to block out the dark, but all we’re really doing is hiding away our light.

It’s time to let your light shine out into the world. You are here for a bright, beautiful, delicious life. You deserve to feel the joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment of a life fully lived. If you’re ready to throw away your mental crap and the definitions and limitations of others and start really living in your full space and power, then it’s time to talk. Your Soul knows that you deserve it, and I do too.

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