receiving joy

Bringing All of the Juicy, Delicious, Satisfaction Into Your Life You Can Handle… Plus Some!

receiving joyAre you looking for more oomph? Has it been a while since you looked at your life and were just overwhelmed with the synchronicity, ease, beauty, and abundance that were flowing in? I remember in 2012, that’s not that long ago, actually having to go to the food bank to keep my family fed. I was struggling, and I knew it. I was bringing in just over $600 a month. And then by the end of 2013, I was at over $10k a month.

I was floored by how quickly things came together in my life. There were so many times when I was frustrated with the process. I would rant, and rave, and scream to my girlfriends, yell into my pillows, and sob on my favorite bright orange chair. I wanted it NOW! I had given myself the gift of saying YES! YES! to abundance. YES! to love! YES! to a business that supported me and my lifestyle of choice while supporting others in living their Soul Purpose. And I went through some major soul-level healing along the way, across multiple relationships, timeframes, and periods of my life.

How many strings are keeping you locked down? How many cords have you let people wrap around your soul that are keeping you back from your greatness? What if you were ready to let all of that go? What if you could breathe deep into your body, release them, and let yourself start receiving the joy that you were naturally born into as a Divine Being?

My life now is literally worlds apart from the life I had in 2012. It took some serious work, reframing, and investigation on my part, and now I’m living the benefits in a yummy, delicious, juicy, more-abundant-than-I-had-dreamed kind of way. And I know that you can too. You’re meant for more than where you are, and together we can get you there.

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