receiving your worth

Why Being Afraid Means You’re Getting Close

receiving your worthFear happens. Failure happens. These are natural, normal, incredibly potent and powerful tools in our lives. Fear doesn’t have to paralyze you into indecision or inaction. Feeling fear is a reflection of not seeing yourself in your full power yet. Maybe you’ve reached your Zone of Excellence, but now that world is calling you to something bigger. Your soul isn’t here just to be mediocre. Your soul is infinite. You are meant for more. You know this, your Soul knows this. That’s why it won’t shut up. Your Soul is calling you. Right. Now.


Now. NOW!

Maybe that dream board has been sitting on the kitchen wall for a while now and it just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Before those pictures start collecting dust, let’s start doing something about it. You are here to be awesome. Your Soul knows this.

It keeps whispering.

Maybe I can write that book. Maybe I can push my business to new levels. Maybe I can be all that I feel like I was born into this world to be. Maybe I can birth my ideas out into the Universe in a way that will touch the people around me and help us heal our world.

It’s time to take maybe out of your vocabulary. You were meant for more than maybe. Now let’s talk about how to get you there. Download the first chapter of my book The Year of YES! for free and we can start moving you into your Genius Zone.

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