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Why Being Amazing Doesn’t Stop When You Hit 40

soul pathI don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty amazing. I’m confident, sexy, and funny. I help people transform their lives, send their voices out into the world, and move into their Genius Zone with confidence and clarity. I built myself from the ground up after a divorce. I dared to live my Soul’s Calling. I self-published a book. I challenged myself to a Year of YES! I overcame financial stress. I welcomed prosperity and abundance into my life. I help other people do the same thing in their lives every day. And I did it all starting right around my fortieth birthday…

Your Soul’s Purpose doesn’t have an age limit. That quiet voice in the back of your mind that’s begging you to do and be more doesn’t magically stop at 40. It doesn’t stop with marriage. It doesn’t stop with children. It doesn’t stop with divorce.

It. doesn’t. stop.

And you shouldn’t either. You don’t have to. Your Soul is calling you. You and I both know that you don’t want to keep leaving that bright, amazing, shiny gift for the world that’s your Soul’s Purpose sitting on the shelf collecting dust your whole life.

Being amazing doesn’t stop. Your Soul’s Purpose doesn’t stop.  That calling to write your book, birth your idea, and be reborn into the world and your life as the person that you are truly meant to be doesn’t stop. Let Sioux Ink! take you there. Some of the most powerful people in the world hit their Genius Zone after 40. It’s not time to get quiet, sit back, and retire. It’s time to get loud!

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