soul's purpose

Strap In and Buckle UP!

soul's purposeLiving your Soul’s Purpose is not for the faint of heart. Publishing your book and birthing a piece of your Soul out into the Universe takes guts!  It seems like everyone anymore thinks that they’re a writer. Which can be great. I’m all about people sending their voices out into the world, and living lives of authentic expression. But then they start blogs and Tumblr accounts, get excited for a month, and. it. stops. Their voice dries up. Their passion becomes apathy. It doesn’t go anywhere.

That idea, that voice, that message that needed to get carried out into the world, that is meant to help change our collective consciousness and move us forward all of the sudden dies out. I don’t want to see that happen to you. I know that your voice is meant to be heard. I know that you have a higher calling that your Soul is pushing you to. I know that, because you’re here. I know that because the Law of Attraction works that way.

If you are looking to birth your book, your message, your ideas out into the world and just aren’t quite sure how to do it, then I think it’s time for us to talk. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s the only way to shut up that quiet little voice. You know, the one that tells you to keep moving forward. The one that won’t let you stop. The one that never gives up on you no matter what anyone else around you says. Yeah. That one.

That voice. The one that keeps calling you to be more. The one that knows that you are a Divine Being who is meant for prosperity and abundance. The one who wants to support you in receiving joy and light into your life. That voice. It’s time to talk.

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