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Why Everything You Ever Wanted Is Still Waiting For You…

say YES!Your Soul has an incredible sense of higher knowing. It was incredible to me to see just how beautiful, and perfect, and complete my Soul made things through a Year of YES!  I went into that year absolutely believing that my soul knew the fastest, easiest way for me to get to where I needed to be. I trusted in her. I followed her promptings. I let myself surrender to the callings of my Soul.

And that’s when I gave myself back the gift of me. Me as I was truly meant to be. Me as I had envisioned for years. Me as I had never dared to be before. Me complete.

I struggled for years to value who and what I was… what I was bringing to the table. I knew that I had this burning need in me to be a writer. I was meant to live by the Word. I was meant to live to facilitate others in living their Soul’s Purpose. I was meant to be a life and business coach. I knew this, but I struggled to believe in it. I would push it back, push it down, and tell my Soul to go sit in the corner and shut up. I would starve it, only keeping it alive off of the smallest of crumbs.

And then she started yelling at me. She knew better. My Soul knew what I was meant to be. She knew that there was so much more in store for us. She knew that everything that I had been dreaming of for years was right around the corner if I would just dare to listen to her long enough. She challenged me to be the woman that she knew that I was capable of being. She challenged me to bring my voice forward into the world. To be seen.  And that’s when all of the miracles and magic started to show up in my life. I know that it’s possible in your life, because I made it happen in my own. And in countless other people’s lives since then. Let’s talk

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