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Why Being a Woman in Business Doesn’t Mean a Woman in Busy-ness

business not busy-nessWomen are amazing. I have a deep love of incredible women in my life. I have been blessed by the Universe with wonderful, strong, loving women who are a part of my tribe and who have supported me through all of the ups and downs of walking my Soul’s Journey.

It took an even longer time for me to start recognizing that one of the most beautiful, amazing, powerful women in my life was…. you guessed it…. ME! You! You are amazing! You are a strong, powerful, woman!

I know that you are, because I know absolutely from my own life’s experiences how the Law of Attraction works. And I know that you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t feel a deep Soul level calling to be here, to seek out more from your life, and to learn how to love yourself better.

As Western Women, our culture has brainwashed us on some of the deepest soul levels to neglect our personal time and limits. If we aren’t fixing the entire world’s problems around us, then obviously we’re selfish, and deficient, and unworthy of love and respect.

The most incredible resource I believe our nation has is the WAHM. If you can manage to run a house, take care of your kids (without killing them), provide them with endless activities to do, make snacks, and *still* get your work done on time, then Universe knows you are beyond incredible and worthy of celebration woman. And the same is true for all of those incredible women I know out there who are working outside of the house, volunteering, supporting friends and family, and in general being gigantic powerhouses of feminine goddess energy for *others* in their lives.

It’s time to reclaim your feminine. It’s time to reclaim your time. Email me at to ask how.

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