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Learning to Love Yourself FIRST

self loveAs a mom I know how ridiculous it can be to work, take care of your home, work on intimate relationships, and pretend to somehow find life balance and time for self care somewhere in there before you go ape shit crazy and have to stop yourself from banging your head into the kitchen cabinets.

It took me a long time to understand that by putting everyone else first, I was really putting myself last. It’s no wonder that I was constantly drained, depressed, and unenergized. How are you going to bring passion into your life when the only thing you’re looking forward to are the five minutes alone in the shower before someone comes banging on the door? How do you get excited about life and your Soul’s Purpose when you have 15 million voices screaming at you for your full, complete, and undivided attention every second of the damned day?

You were meant for so much more than this. And you know it. That deep, quiet, niggling voice in the back of your heart and mind that won’t let go. Yes. That one. The one that keeps telling you to go take a bath by yourself with the chocolates and the candles and the bottle of wine.  The one that begs you to go get a massage. The one that screams at you to slow down until you finally end up sick or something else happens that forces you to stop.

It’s time to stop. It’s time to recognize your worth. And I know that you already know this. It’s a tape in your head that won’t shut up or stop, no matter how many times or ways you try to drown it out. You are worth your Soul’s Purpose.  You were built to have a big, bold, beautiful, daring, amazing, more incredible life than you have probably even dared to dream for yourself yet. Let me help you get there. Email me and let’s talk about what it actually takes to go from dreaming to being.

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